HID Projector Retrofit Headlights | Help & Information




What is a Retrofit ?

A retrofit or “retrofitting” is the installation of High-Performance HID or LED components (generally proper projectors/bulbs/shrouds) into your factory headlights; generally into your halogen bulb reflectors/projectors.

This involves completely dismantling your stock headlights and fabricating the new components into them. The use of high quality HID or LED components allows us to obtain the best quality light output available from your lights.

An HID or LED retrofit puts your lights on the same (usually better) level as the high-end & luxury cars seen everywhere on the road today.

For more information on what a retrofit is and the components used please visit www.HIDRetrofits.com

What Does PLUG AND PLAY Mean?

The term “Plug and Play” refers to all of the wiring and connections with our headlight systems, parts, components or products. We do NOT ship any headlight systems that require cutting, hacking or splicing of the vehicle’s stock wiring or plugs.

Installation of the headlight systems WILL require labor and/or adjustments for proper fitment and setup. This includes (but is NOT limited to) bumper removal, grille removal, installing and running the wiring harness or controllers, installing and mounting the ballasts, testing the headlights, height adjustments and other minor tweaks.


What are the benefits of an HID projector conversion?

With an HID Projector retrofit conversion your headlights are now equipped with the best possible lighting components. We offer car & truck headlight packages that are hand-built to be brighter, safer & more visually appealing.

Brighter Output: An HID light is a high intensity bulb. When installed in an optically correct HID projector you get excellent, properly-controlled brighter light output.

Width & Depth: How can I see further down the road at night?  How can I have better night time driving peripheral vision? Ever find yourself asking these questions? An HID Projector Retrofit can take care of all these concerns. You’ll see farther & wider while driving at night. This is a huge improvement in safety.

Cost: What does something like a projector retrofit cost? Our retrofit service is all done by hand and with great attention to detail. Our packages will certainly cost more than the sub-par & generally unsafe generic “projector halo lights” that run rampant across the internet these days. However, if the cost of a factory/dealer installed HID system is compared you’ll find we are much more reasonable. Our headlight conversions often outperform factory HID lighting as well.


How Do I Order ?

At BlackFlameCustoms we like to think of our ordering process as straight forward & direct. There are two ways to order from us. The first is simply ordering HID Components such as Projectors or Bulbs. This can be done right in our products section via the shopping cart & secure Paypal checkout.

For our custom retrofit package service there are two ways to order. FIRST – our products section has complete package listings — HERE. SECOND – our customers can contact us directly if their vehicle isn’t listed in the packages section. We build each setup to your specifications.

Can I drop off my vehicle?

No. We currently do not offer any on-vehicle services.

How long does a project take?

A retrofit package can vary depending on shipping times, build options and our current wait list.

The actual retrofit build generally takes 3-6 days – but can vary with options, certain paint selections or other variables. Shipping delays (if housings are coming to us) can also add to the overall wait time. Please plan accordingly especially if you plan to send your vehicle’s stock headlight housings in.

Do you have a waiting list ?

Yes. Black Flame Customs utilizes a waiting list to ensure our customer’s projects are built within an approximate time frame or time-range.

Our general wait-list time is one to two weeks, but may be longer during holidays, closures or our busy season.

The best way to be put on our waiting list is to purchase your package build in our products section.

Please note that shipping times should be factored into your project time schedule.

What if I don’t see my vehicle application listed ?

Don’t see your particular year, make or model listed on our website?

Or perhaps you don’t see specific options on a project you are interested in?

Please contact us for help. Black Flame Customs is often working on new projects & applications that may not yet be updated or uploaded to our website.

Do you offer halos or angel eyes?


We NO longer work with any halos or angel eyes in our headlight builds/projects. They are extremely unreliable and end up failing. This can compromise the headlight system and is NOT covered under warranty.

How long is my quote good for?

Generally, email quotes are honored for up to 14 days if not booked or confirmed within that time. After that time period, if your project is not confirmed, booked or a deposit hasn’t been made – please contact us to ensure no updates have taken place within our pricing structure.

Pricing can change or vary without notice.

Can I purchase a complete headlight package ?

Yes! This is what we specialize in here at BlackFlameCustoms. Complete A to Z high performance Headlight Retrofit Packages are a great choice for minimal vehicle downtime and the best light output available.

All custom complete packages are built to order – click the image below to find out more.

Please note: If you don’t see your application listed or pictured on our website it does NOT mean we can’t work on it. We add new vehicles to our lineup all the time. Please contact us to get started.


How do I Pack/Ship my items ?

If you’re shipping your lights, parts & components or both to us, please read below.

If you choose to pack your own items, please ensure that the following is done. Generally, it is best to use an appropriately-sized box to ship your parts. If too large a box is used, the items can bounce around or into eachother. If too small a box is used, your items could be crushed. Additional un-expected damage can make for a slower turn around time as well as an increase in cost.

We advise wrapping each item with one to two layers of bubble wrap. Line the boxes with styrofoam peanuts or extra bubble wrap. It is important to create a cushion between the item and the box wall. This will help prevent damage to your items if the boxes are stacked by the shipping company.

The better your lights are packed, the better condition they will arrive to us in.

Please make sure you put the appropriate amount of insurance on your items as well.

What are your payment options ?

Payments can be made with either a money order, a convenient on-line payment (processing fee may apply) or with cash in person. A deposit may be required before your work begins.

Please keep in mind that the current standard CO sales tax will be added to your total bill if items are shipped or sold within CO State. This doesn’t apply to out of state residents. Completed pictures, along with a final payment invoice (if one is needed), will be sent to you once your project is finished. We do not offer any monthly payment plans.

Payments should be made out to Black Flame Customs.

Do you charge sales tax ?

Yes – we COLLECT sales tax. On all Colorado state orders (shipped to or billed to) a CO sales tax of 7.35% will be collected on your order. This is done during the Paypal checkout process as that’s where your address is verified.

Do you offer a warranty ?

Yes. BlackFlameCustoms stands behind all of our work. All our Morimoto headlight build components carry worry free individual manufacturers warranties directly through TRS (TheRetrofitSource) We are able to help process these warranties if the items we’re purchased from us and you are the original owner.

Our craftsmanship warranty is guaranteed for the life of your lights, as long as you own them. What that means is as long as you own the lights we’ll make any needed repairs, fixes or adjustments should something fail or go wrong with our specific services or labor.

Diagnostic, HID component or otherwise vehicle system related issues, function-ability & any component specific related malfunctions are NOT covered by our warranty.

A headlight housing seal warranty is applicable only to the first year from the completion date of your project.

Please note: Warranties are NOT transferable and are only applicable to the original owner or purchaser of the lights.

How should I align my new headlight retrofits ?

This is a great question. It should be noted that proper patience, time and surroundings should be available to adjust your lights. It may take a few trial and error adjustments to get them just right and to your personal liking.

Our Aiming Guide is HERE

Can you work on Perma-Seal or Permanent Seal Headlights ?

Yes. At BlackFlameCustoms we work with selected perma-seal or permanent seal headlights.

Perma-Seal or a Permanently Sealed headlight has a special type of glue sealant that bonds it’s halves together. This is a particularly labor intensive style of sealant to work with for the opening and removal process.

We DO NOT cut your perma-seal housings to open them. We us continues heat cycles combined with seam pressure to open the light housings.

Please note: There is additional associated labor and potential damage risk with perma-seal headlight housings – while Black Flame Customs makes every effort to avoid any potential perma-seal housing damage or warp-age, this can unfortunately be a side effect of attempting to open such housings. We are not responsible for potential damage or sealing issues that may arise.

Can you remove my headlights if I drop off my vehicle ?

This service is currently not available at this time. Sorry. Your headlights, if you are supplying the set, must be shipped or dropped off to us in person.

Signature Confirmation ?

BlackFlameCustoms requires a signed work order/build sheet before any work begins on your project.

This ensures that all the information regarding your project build is accurate & agreed upon. This also ensures you acknowledge & agree to our store terms, conditions & policies (applicable to offline paperwork & BlackFlameCustoms.com).

This PDF form will be drawn up as details are discussed and finalized OR automatically emailed when you order a package from our products section. You’ll then be able to print, sign and scan/email this form back to us OR include it with your headlights and/or components for the build.

Will I be updated on my project status ?

Yes. We like to keep you as informed as possible with regards to any updated details, changes or information about your project. During the build process things may change or need to be altered to yield the best possible quality build.

This assures that everything is to your liking and the final outcome is as planned.

One final set of pictures in our blog section (found here) will be emailed to you, along with your final payment invoice (if one is needed), upon completion of your project.

If your package was ordered through our products section, an approximate build start date will be noted on the work order for you.

Emails and online messaging are often the best way for us to communicate.

Will my headlights still be adjustable ?


All services, including full retrofits allow the use of your OEM headlight adjustment knobs and/or factory self-leveling systems. This provides ease of adjustment or “tweaking” during the installation and testing of your newly set up headlights.

What color bulbs do you use ?

HID bulb colors are measured by their Kelvin temperature. HID bulb light output is rated by its luminosity or lumens. OEM auto manufacturers use 4300k-4500k bulbs for their high luminosity output (generally 3200-3400 lumens) and their reliability.

A variety of places sell the 8000k & 10,000k bulbs (and even higher). These bulbs have a low true lumen/output rating, produce obnoxious glare to oncoming drivers & cause eye fatigue on you the driver. Often times these aftermarket bulbs don’t produce anymore output than a quality halogen bulb. 4300k is the brightest and truest color HID bulb you can get.

The only other Kelvin-color bulbs that BlackFlameCustoms would use in a retrofit are 5000k, 5500k, 6000k or 6500k bulbs, and we usually recommend these for users that want a specific Kelvin coloring.


We get this question all the time? What color is best? Which is the brightest? My buddy has XXX for his lights, that’s what I want.

1- What is the purpose of your projector retrofit build? Performance? Looks? The best performing bulbs (in terms of lumen output) are in the 4300k-5000k range. This is the brightest color spectrum you can get. For aesthetics or looks, choose a 6000k-6500k coloring. This has a slight tinge of blue in it for a more “exotic” look.

2- What is your budget? This is also an important factor when it comes to HID bulbs. Choosing a cheap, generic or poor-quality aftermarket bulb can result in mis-matched coloring or inconsistencies in actual output making them useless. Instead, opt for OEM HID bulbs where possible.

3- Don’t believe the hype! A NUMBER of sellers will tell you that 10,000k bulbs are ultra bright and super exotic. They’re wrong – it’s just plain obnoxious. These are actually DIMMER than the standard 4100k-6500k spectrum causing hot spots and extreme unsafe glare.

Need more info? Help on a build? Contact us today with your questions.

What is a clear lens upgrade ?

A clear lens upgrade is just as it sounds: upgrading your factory HID ringed or fresnel projector lenses with clear ones. This provides a number of desired results such as sharper cutoff lines, more intense light output and better color flicker. This helps you get the most out of your factory HID projector setup.

All of our built packages and retrofit builds come with pre-tuned clear lens HID projectors.

For more information on what a clear lens upgrade is and the components used please visit www.HIDRetrofits.com or www.HeadlightRetrofits.com

What other services do you offer ?

We currently only customize, build and fabricate top quality headlight packages. This can include a variety of options.

All current available services can be found in our services section.

If you don’t see something listed, please contact us for availability and pricing.

Do you offer refunds ?

BlackFlameCustoms does offer refunds on all un-opened/un-used/un-installed HID components and parts. Special terms do apply. Any/All returns are subject to a restocking fee of UP TO 25% in addition to any original shipping costs.

On custom built headlight retrofit packages and any other services our labor is non-refundable.

Shipping services are non-refundable.

Please see our policy page for complete terms & conditions of refunds.

Can I do my own prepwork ?


BlackFlameCustoms requires that we do all prepwork (headlight disassembly, shroud prep or cutting ), as we otherwise would not be able to guarantee our work.

Please leave this up to us. It’s what we do.

How should I handle the finished product ?

Have patience! This is the best advice we can give you. The anticipation of your new custom project can be overwhelming.

First things first! Be extremely careful when installing your items. Take your time. Taping off any tight-fit edges or close surrounding areas will help avoid scratches and dings during installation.

Once your items are installed and looking good, take pictures! We Love seeing the final product installed. Connect and share with us on all our social media links!

Where can I find more information ?

Please contact us if you have a question about a specific application or project that’s not listed here on our website. Also, please be sure to use the search box on this site to help find what you are looking for.

For more information on what a retrofit is, the components used and the industry terms please visit