What color bulbs do you use ?

HID bulb colors are measured by their Kelvin temperature. HID bulb light output is rated by its luminosity or lumens. OEM auto manufacturers use 4300k-4500k bulbs for their high luminosity output (generally 3200-3400 lumens) and their reliability.

A variety of places sell the 8000k & 10,000k bulbs (and even higher). These bulbs have a low true lumen/output rating, produce obnoxious glare to oncoming drivers & cause eye fatigue on you the driver. Often times these aftermarket bulbs don’t produce anymore output than a quality halogen bulb. 4300k is the brightest and truest color HID bulb you can get.

The only other Kelvin-color bulbs that BlackFlameCustoms would use in a retrofit are 5000k, 5500k, 6000k or 6500k bulbs, and we usually recommend these forĀ users that want a specific Kelvin coloring.

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