How do I Pack/Ship my items ?

If you’re shipping your lights, parts & components or both to us, please read below.

If you choose to pack your own items, please ensure that the following is done. Generally, it is best to use an appropriately-sized box to ship your parts. If too large a box is used, the items can bounce around or into eachother. If too small a box is used, your items could be crushed. Additional un-expected damage can make for a slower turn around time as well as an increase in cost.

We advise wrapping each item with one to two layers of bubble wrap. Line the boxes with styrofoam peanuts or extra bubble wrap. It is important to create a cushion between the item and the box wall. This will help prevent damage to your items if the boxes are stacked by the shipping company.

The better your lights are packed, the better condition they will arrive to us in.

Please make sure you put the appropriate amount of insurance on your items as well.

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