Can you work on Perma-Seal or Permanent Seal Headlights ?

Yes. At BlackFlameCustoms we work with selected perma-seal or permanent seal headlights.

Perma-Seal or a Permanently Sealed headlight has a special type of glue sealant that bonds it’s halves together. This is a particularly labor intensive style of sealant to work with for the opening and removal process.

We DO NOT cut your perma-seal housings to open them. We us continues heat cycles combined with seam pressure to open the light housings.

Please note: There is additional associated labor and potential damage risk with perma-seal headlight housings – while Black Flame Customs makes every effort to avoid any potential perma-seal housing damage or warp-age, this can unfortunately be a side effect of attempting to open such housings. We are not responsible for potential damage or sealing issues that may arise.

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