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HID Bulbs Info

Let’s start with KELVIN COLORING – this is generally anywhere from 4300k to 6500k.


A 4300k-4500k bulb is the BRIGHTEST coloring available and considered OEM in most applications. These are ideal in most applications.

A 5000k-5500k is considered pure white. This is a great clean look without any extra “bling”.

A 6000k-6500k is considered to have a slight tinge of blue. When selecting OEM D2S bulbs, if your application allows, these colors are pre-determined within that specific bulb model. For example : the OEM D2S Philips WX2 bulbs are a 6000k coloring and can’t be changed.

Morimoto Rebased bulbs are offered in Kelvin Coloring from 4300k-6500k

Please Note: There are two base types, H11A and H11B. We can confirm fitment on most newer Japanese vehicles as needing H11B, and most Hyundai/Kia vehicles as needing “H11A” despite what the bulb itself may state. Determine fitment by using the visual guide in the pictures and watching this video!

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