2018-2020 Ford F150 Complete OEM LED Headlight Upgrade Conversion Packages


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The headlights your truck should have come with!

Simple, clean & a highly functional design that integrates OEM Factory LED Lighting – a GREAT upgrade from your factory halogen housings. These offer a big bump in light output, safety for night time driving and the clean aesthetic looks you’re after.

Our Solution
We offer complete turnkey Factory LED Headlight packages for these trucks. These won’t cause hot spots, glare, eye fatigue and especially won’t blind oncoming drivers. Full integration with the plug and play harness makes installation easy and painless. No splicing or dicing of wires!

PLEASE NOTE: The conversion harness kit requires accessibility to a brief ECU update on the truck’s computer. This can be done at ANY willing Ford dealership (we say willing, as a number of dealerships may scratch their heads), OR with the optional FORSCAN hardware & software items, selected optionally above. 

Fitment: 2018-2020 Ford F150 Trucks (originally equipped with HALOGEN lights)

Please allow 1-3 business days for shipment after ordering.

Installation Notes & Instructions can be found HERE

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What's Included

Two LED Housings (one LEFT & one RIGHT) / Two LED Ballasts / LED Ballast Mounting Screws / Optional Conversion Harnesses / Optional Programming Kit (ECU Calibration)


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