LED Bar Kit Info

LED Light Bar Info

Sometimes you just need extra light output – whether it’s an off-road trip or special workload in the dark – we’ve got you covered with an extensive selection of LED bars. This section will help lights-40-inch-curved-led-light-bar_72940-small2xshine a bit of light on exactly what an LED Light Bar is and how it can be used.

Some of our headlight packages have the option to add an LED bar kit in, that’s specific to your vehicle. We also have a number of universal LED Light Bars listed in our products section – right here ::  LED BARS

Morimoto X.BAR 3




So what’s all the hype with light bars? While our complete headlight packages are ideal for adding a super powerful headlight setup – sometimes you need even more light. This can sometimes be the case in off-road driving conditions or a work-site or job conditions setting. We often don’t recommend using LED Light bars while ON the road as it can be dangerous to other drivers.

High quality LED chips & rock solid casings make all the LED Light Bars we have available very sturdy and true performers!