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What headlights do I need for my car?

This is a question we get a LOT here at Black Flame Customs. What headlights do I need for my vehicle?

There are MANY different answers to this question and we’ll try to outline just a few below.

STOCK REPLACEMENT – This one seems pretty straight forward, but just in case this is simply replacing your stock bulbs or headlights with original factory units OR a factory equivalent. This is usually done if a headlight or bulb fails and you simply need them to both be working for night driving.

DROP IN KITS – This often refers to a “drop in” or “plug and play” HID or LED kit. These will replace the stock halogen bulbs in your headlights with an HID or LED bulb. This can offer a slight bump in light output but is not always recommended due to glare, hot spots and scattered light.

UPGRADING or RETROFITTING – This often refers to a full package upgrade for your headlights. High performance projectors with the proper optics for LED or HID are installed into stock housings giving you a huge boost in light output that isn’t blinding or glaring. This is the best option for performance and reliability in a headlight choice.

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