Projector Shroud Info

Shroud Info

This info section provides some example pictures of the various projector shrouds for you to choose from, if your specific application has that option.



Apollo 1.0 – Clean lines, great curves and works well in the larger housings






Apollo 2.0 – A house favorite – these look exceptionally “OEM” and have a smooth chrome finish. Square & round versions available.apollo_2.0_shroudsapollo_2.0_square_shroud







Apollo 3.0 – More louvers, slightly sporty look and solid round design – great for bigger housings.apollo_3.0_shrouds







Orbit – Unique styling, clean round design & bright chrome looks





Bullet – Simple, clean & smooth design.

Bullet Shrouds 1






E-46 – Simple, clean & classic design – these offer great factory looks.

E46-R Shrouds 1






G37-CR – BIG in size & BIG in looks – these only fit certain select packages.

G37C-R Shrouds 1






Mini Gatling – Small in size – big in looks. These work on select applications only for ideal fitment & function.

Mini Gatling Shrouds 1







Gatling V2 – (only available in round on MH1 projectors OR square, on D2S v3.0 X square projectors) – Tough looks, clean chrome and special fitment only