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Color: The HeartRay HID bulbs provide true color temperatures – 4300K offering a soft warmer white hue, 5500K offering a pure white hue, and 6500K offering a cool white hue. There is no green hue seen in any color temperature option with the HeartRay bulbs. Other manufacturers struggle to provide accurate color temperatures; so why settle for that? Want to match up your fog lights or high beams as well? Check to see if we have your size available.

Precision: HeartRay HID bulbs are precisely aligned using a metal frame structure that will not allow the capsule to shift over time. This is one of the single most important features to look for when comparing HID bulbs on the market. The low quality bulbs have capsules that are glued in place – as they heat up and age – the capsule shifts and performance is lost nearly instantly.

Performance: Our testing shows increased performance against the leading manufacturer of HID bulbs in both the 5000K and 6500K color temperature option. If you want to compare these to a cheap eBay brand bulb, you’ll likely see a ~30% decrease in performance compared to these HeartRay bulbs.

Quality: Anti-UV glass houses the APL-USA sourced capsule. Austrian sourced Plansee electrodes provide longer lasting performance you can count on.

All In One: The HeartRay bulbs come inside one package. There are no separate connectors to worry about coming loose in the future causing a bad connection. The bulbs include a thick rubber grommet with wiring already passing through it for quick plug and play connections.

Bank For The Buck: We don’t believe there is a better value for the money! HeartRay bulbs cost less, provide higher output, and provide the truest color temperature we have seen on the aftermarket end.


2x Bulbs: HeartRay HID
Warranty: Two Years


Bulb Size: D2S
Lifespan: 2500 Hours
Wattage: 35W and 55W


4300K: Warm White
5500K: Pure White
6500K: Cool White

HID Bulbs Info

Let’s start with KELVIN COLORING – this is generally anywhere from 4300k to 6500k.


A 4300k-4500k bulb is the BRIGHTEST coloring available and considered OEM in most applications. These are ideal in most applications.

A 5000k-5500k is considered pure white. This is a great clean look without any extra “bling”.

A 6000k-6500k is considered to have a slight tinge of blue. When selecting OEM D2S bulbs, if your application allows, these colors are pre-determined within that specific bulb model. For example : the OEM D2S Philips WX2 bulbs are a 6000k coloring and can’t be changed.


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