H1 SUPER HID Projector Headlight Retrofit Kit


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Simple, powerful and reliable. These are the things that come to mind with our pre-configured retrofit kits. We’ve taken the guess work out of what components to order or what works the best for function and aesthetics.

With years of testing, building and using these components for customers we’re offering them here as a bundle. Sharp output, reliable components and a straight forward installation makes this an ideal package for anyone looking to DIY their headlights.

Kit Includes:

  • Acme/Standard Super Tuned (round lens) H1 Based Projectors with Easy Threaded Collar Mounting
  • CN or HR Standard H1 HID Bulbs (select your coloring below)
  • Hylux 2A88 OR NGK Fast 35watt All Digital HID Ballasts (extremely reliable with a fast startup)
  • Shrouds (selections below)
  • Morimoto Bi-Xenon or HD (low beam) Wiring Harness
  • Alcohol Prep Pads (pre installation cleaning of the HID bulbs)
  • Optional: Shroud Centric Rings
  • Optional: Butyl Sealant 1/2 roll (perfect for two large sized headlight seams)

Fabrication Required: – This kit requires the opening of your headlights as well as cutting/trimming for projector mounting and shroud fitment.


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