9005 & 9006 Plug & Play HID System by BFC-Standard


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GENERAL: Our kit features reliable & proven components that work well on most vehicles. No fancy wiring, no extra plugs or connectors – just a straight forward HID system meant to improve your light output and night time driving experience.

HID BALLASTS: We’ve tested a number of ballasts over the years. The HYLUX AMP 35watt ballasts included with this kit prove to be reliable, weatherproof and have a strong startup for worry free use. Their male-female AMP connections are simple and easy to use.

HID BULBS: Used for a number of years by a number of companies, the CN branded bulbs are cost effective, reliable and have a no-hassle bulb connection (male-female AMP).

CANBUS CONTROL: Error codes? No way! The HYLUX ballasts featured with our kit here have a built in, inline CANBUS controller (or error canceler) to keep wiring minimal and usage trouble free. NO wiring harness or fancy connections to make.

Reliable: This system comes with a 3-year warranty on parts. Should something go wrong, simply email us with the diagnosed issue and we’ll request a warranty photo. That’s it! A new piece will be issued and shipped.

MODIFICATIONS: This kit may require drilling a 1″ or 25mm hole in the back cap of your headlight housing, if such equipped – depending on vehicle model. Note the picture below. This allows for wire pass-through for connections to power and ballast.



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