How To Put Together A Headlight Retrofit Package

Better lighting for your vehicle is readily available these days. But what’s it take to put together a good headlight retrofit package that will be a true performer that’s reliable and looks good? Let’s take a brief look at the components and basic requirements for a custom headlight upgrade.

  • Headlight Housings – This sounds simple but it’s true! If your stock headlight housings are tired, worn out or on their last leg it may be time to replace them with new units. Replica housings are sometimes a good choice – but if they are a really “off” brand their quality and overall fitment can be compromised.
  • Projectors – This is often the heart of a new headlight retrofit. Why? Because the optics are ideal for proper light output, control and the performance you’re after. HID or LED projectors are very similar in their design overall – the actual light source powering the projectors is primarily what’s different.
  • Bulbs – Powering the projector (unless it’s an LED specific projector) are the bulbs. For HID bulbs a true reliable & powerful source is a D2S bulb. OEM units are often ideal. If you’d like to use an LED D2S bulb as your projector is D2S based that can sometimes work well too.
  • Ballasts – These are what control the electrical inputs coming from the vehicle to the bulbs (HID or LED) – these maintain steady power and regulate against spikes to protect the bulbs. We like the HYLUX brand here at BFC.
  • Shrouds – These are the aesthetic covers that go over the new projectors inside your headlights. They come in a variety of styles and can be trimmed for ideal fitment.
  • Wiring – Don’t skip on wiring! A good harness that allows the new system to be
  • installed without cutting or splicing is ideal. Pulling power directly from the battery is often important too. Newer vehicles sometimes require canbus or anti-flicker modules to keep the new headlight system from flickering or operating erratically.

A new headlight system can drastically improve the night time driving experience as well as visibility and overall safety of your vehicle. Need help choosing components or items for your next project? Give us a shout!


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