How To Choose An HID Bulb Color

We get this question all the time? What color is best? Which is the brightest? My buddy has XXX for his lights, that’s what I want.

1- What is the purpose of your projector retrofit build? Performance? Looks? The best performing bulbs (in terms of lumen output) are in the 4300k-5000k range. This is the brightest color spectrum you can get. For aesthetics or looks, choose a 6000k-6500k coloring. This has a slight tinge of blue in it for a more “exotic” look.

2- What is your budget? This is also an important factor when it comes to HID bulbs. Choosing a cheap, generic or poor-quality aftermarket bulb can result in mis-matched coloring or inconsistencies in actual output making them useless. Instead, opt for OEM HID bulbs where possible.

3- Don’t believe the hype! A NUMBER of sellers will tell you that 10,000k bulbs are ultra bright and super exotic. They’re wrong – it’s just plain obnoxious. These are actually DIMMER than the standard 4100k-6500k spectrum causing hot spots and extreme unsafe glare.

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