Headlight Paint Info

Paint Info

Here you’ll find information on a custom aesthetic option. There are a number of custom paint variations and only certain applications can have paint in specific places – your product/package listing will have these options listed.


All Chrome OR OEM look – This option keeps the STOCK appearance of the housings in place. No extra paint, designs or otherwise changes. Great for a clean OEM fit and finish.

07-14 GMC Denali Chrome HID HeadlightsFord Superduty HID Retrofit X Headlight


All Black OR One Solid Color – With an all painted setup – EVERYTHING is set to one color (generally black, grey or some other specific option).This is great if you’re blacking out the entire vehicle.



Black & Chrome – Our MOST POPULAR selection. This takes the trim, surround and/or main bucket sections and coats them in a satin black finish. The remaining signal, high-beam or specific buckets or portions (where applicable) stay chrome. The projector shrouds most often stay chrome as well for a clean & blended look.

05-black-chrome-superdutyTundra Black Chrome


Other or Specialty Paint – Sometimes you need something totally custom or unique. We’ve tackled a number of projects like this and we can often use specific colors to get the look you’re after. If your package has this option available in the paint selections, you’ll be able to note specifics or colors ON the checkout page in the “notes” section.

Tacoma Custom Blue Black11-16-superduty-featured