Headlight Amber Info

Amber Info

This page has info about the amber reflectors built into your headlights, if this applies to your application. On certain headlight packages, there are options for these too.

Stock/Left Alone – This is a simple option. The stock amber reflectors are un-touched. We keep them in place for a clean OEM look (this can be kept stock regardless of a paint option)Ford Superduty HID Retrofit X Headlight







Smoked – With this option we take the amber reflectors, when possible, and add a smoke tint to them. This can blend nicely with custom paint or for a specific look.superduty_all_grey_paint








Logo Painted – This option allows for a custom vinyl logo to be placed OVER the amber, then the amber is painted along with the rest of the surround/housing (this can be the SAME color or a different contrasting color). Once the paint cures we remove the vinyl logo and that is the ONLY portion left showing on the reflector (most often as the amber)– pretty cool!2012_toyota_tacoma_black_retro_logo (5)