2018 Ford Super Duty OEM LED Quad Headlights with Custom Dark Black Paint

Customer Headlight Build Updates

– Customer: Konrad P
– Vehicle: 2018 Ford Super Duty
– Projectors: N/A – OEM LED
– Lens Upgrades: None/Factory Clear
– Shrouds: N/A – OEM
– Ballasts:  OEM OSRAM
– Paint Theme: All Satin Black
– Vinyl Logo/Decals: None
– Extras: Smoked Amber Reflectors
–Special Notes/Our Thoughts:  Konrad needed OEM LED power and awesome looks. Starting with brand new OEM Ford LED housings we sliced open the edges and coated everything in a dark black finish! The amber side reflectors were smoked for a clean look. Win!

17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-1 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-7 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-8 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-5 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-4 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-3 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-2

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