2018 Ford Super Duty OEM LED Quad Headlights with Custom Black Paint

Customer Headlight Build Updates

– Customer: Tyler F
– Vehicle: 2018 Ford Super Duty
– Projectors: N/A – OEM LED
– Lens Upgrades: None/Factory Clear
– Shrouds: N/A – OEM
– Ballasts:  OEM OSRAM
– Paint Theme: All Satin Black
– Vinyl Logo/Decals: None
– Extras: Smoked Amber Reflectors
–Special Notes/Our Thoughts:  Tyler needed OEM LED power and awesome looks. Starting with brand new OEM Ford LED housings we sliced open the edges and coated everything in black! The amber side reflectors were smoked for a clean look. We’ve also included the conversion harness kit in this build as Tyler is going from a halogen vehicle to now LED. Win!

17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-1 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-7 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-8 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-5 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-4 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-3 17_superduty_led_black_paint_cusotm_headlights-2

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