17-19 Super Duty LED to HALOGEN Reverse Wiring Installation

The information found on this page is for reference purposes only. We are NOT responsible for incorrectly installed headlight systems.

PLEASE ENSURE all items are included OR have been obtained prior to starting installation – our complete LED conversion package should include :

-1x Left/Passenger Halogen OR Aftermarket Headlight Housing
-1x Right/Driver Halogen OR Aftermarket Headlight Housing
-2x LED to HALOGEN Conversion Harnesses (1 per side) – supplied by us
– Instructions Link Card / Cards

All noted items above are REQUIRED for a proper installation. If you have purchased JUST the harness kit from us, ensure you have all of the items before attempting to install anything.

– (2) Harnesses (1 per side)

-Panel Popper
-10mm Socket
Step 1
Remove Plastic panel over core support using a panel popper or flat head screw

Step 2
Using your 10mm ratchet remove grille bolts and take off grille

Step 3
Using your 10mm ratchet remove both LED headlight assemblies.

Step 4
Using our supplied harnesses plug into driver and passenger side of the vehicle.
Make sure pins do not misalign during plug connections. Dielectric grease is suggested.

Step 5
Connect the new sockets to the new OEM halogen headlights OR aftermarket headlights.

Step 6
Install the new headlights and reinstall the grille and trim pieces

Forscan programming may be required if any indicators or DTC’s pop up on the vehicle dash computer. This is NOT typical, but can happen when doing a “reverse” LED to HALOGEN installation such as this.

The PINK wire is original DRL power. This can be left disconnected OR can be used to trigger a separate DRL light pod or light bar – a RELAY is required if using an external pod/bar.