2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 RECON LED Tail Lights DARK RED SMOKED (replaces halogen)


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Chevy Silverado 14-18 1500 & Chevrolet Silverado 14-19 2500/3500 (Replaces Factory OEM Halogen Tail Lights ONLY – Also Fits Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra 15-19 Dually Body Style with Factory OEM Halogen Tail Lights ONLY) OLED TAIL LIGHTS – Smoked Lens

This set of RECON’s new smooth OLED Chevy Silverado tail lights do not come with LED reverse light bulbs.


RECON is the premier retailer for CHEVY SILVERADO smoked tail lights. This set fits SILVERADO 1500 MODEL trucks (2014-2018) and 2500/3500 2014-2019 trucks. The installation feather bright OLED lights and a dark smoked lens with black inner housing.

This set of SILVERADO smoked tail lights fits the following MODEL trucks:

  • 2014 CHEVY SILVERADO tail lights (1500/2500/3500)
  • 2015 CHEVY SILVERADO tail lights (1500/2500/3500)
  • 2016 CHEVY SILVERADO tail lights (1500/2500/3500)
  • 2017 SILVERADO tail lights (1500/2500/3500)
  • 2018 CHEVY SILVERADO tail lights (1500/2500/3500)
  • 2019 CHEVY SILVERADO tail lights (2500/3500 only)

This set of CHEVY SILVERADO smoked tail lights replaces factory OEM halogen tail lights ONLY. The set also fits GMC Sierra 15-19 Dually Models with factory OEM halogen tail lights ONLY.

Why to Upgrade to SILVERADO Smoked Tail Lights with LEDs

It’s time to ditch those old, unattractive factory halogen tail lights on your SILVERADO. They’re not bright enough, and they’re likely dull and hazy. Other drivers may have difficulty seeing you on the road, particularly in poor driving conditions. Plus, they just don’t look as cool as the cutting-edge technology that comes with the brightest OLED tail lights available on the market.

When you upgrade to CHEVROLET SILVERADO smoked tail lights with LEDs, you get the best and brightest. They’re ultra high-powered, meaning their bright light can cut through even the darkest of nights and most inclement weather. Dusk or dawn, hail, sleet, rain, or snow, these tail lights offer superior performance to keep the road bright in all driving conditions. Driving at night has never been so bright! The power of LED technology is so much better compared to your old halogen bulbs, you won’t believe it.

Additionally, the efficiency of LED tail lights is better than anything you’ve seen before. They last longer than halogen bulbs, are impact-resistant, and draw less power from your truck’s battery.