HID Projector Info

HID Projector Info

This section will help you choose the best projectors for your application, if your specific product/package listing has that option to choose from.


Morimoto Mini H1

MH1 Projectors – These are the “best bang for the buck” projector. They offer a substantial upgrade vs the stock halogen housings, and are the most wallet friendly. They utilize an H1 based bulb, are bi-xenon (built in high and low beam) and are rock-solid in terms of reliability.





D2S v3.0 Projectors – These are our favorite projectors, as long as they fit with your application, for a number of reasons. First and foremost you have the option to run OEM D2S bulbs which we absolutely recommend for the best performance and reliability. Next, these offer some of the best distance lighting available – GREAT for dark roads and extended night time driving.


The D2S v3.0 projectors have two variations. Both have the same output performance

D2S v3.0 (standard round lens)Morimoto Mini D2S 3.0 Bi-xenon Projectors 2

D2S v3.0 X (square lens)