FX-R D2S Bi-Xenon HID Projectors


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By far a very popular full size bi-xenon projector. The FX-R is a retrofitters delight with its high precision castings, advanced optics, and available 2.5 or 3? clear lens. It all adds up to put the FX-R near the top of the lighting totem poll.

What makes them so popular? When you consider a full size projector on the basis of light output, out of the box readiness, fitment in most applications, and value; the FX-R easily comes out on top.

Performance highlights include: Lots of light! With a pre-installed clear lens, a DOT stepped cutoff shield & in house tweaks for clarity & sharpness, the FX-R is a stand out. Their advanced internal optics create a wide beam pattern with a uniform distribution of light that cuts through darkness like a laser. They have one of the straightest, sharpest, and most vibrantly colored cutoff lines of any projector in existence. The high beam output on these is nothing short of awesome as well!

Each FX-R projector is individually tested and hand-tuned to perfection to ensure nothing but exceptional light output.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

9006 Pins w/Pigtail


One Pair


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