2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma HID Projector Headlight Retrofit Conversion Package ALL BLACK – Pre-Configured

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The headlights your vehicle should have come with!

Simple, clean & highly functional designs that integrate premium HID projector components with our fabrication labor. Our pre-configured headlight packages offer massive upgrades in light output, safety for night time driving and the clean aesthetic looks you’re after.

Our Solution
We offer complete turnkey HID projector retrofit conversion packages for these trucks. A proper projector allows for the correct light output & control from an HID bulb that won’t cause hot spots, glare, eye fatigue and especially won’t blind oncoming drivers. Our setups feature bi-xenon projectors, which means they have built in high & low beam for factory like operation. They do not interfere with daytime running lights (DRL’s), if equipped or activated, and all of the OEM style housings utilized for our builds have DOT/SAE stamping on them.

This packages is PRE-CONFIGURED with all items that we have found to fit, function and be ideal over our years of building headlights.

Housings: New OEM Replica
Projectors: D2S Q5R (Latest Gen)
Shrouds: Apollo 2.0 or 3.0 (black)
Bulbs: Philips 85122 or OSRAM 66240 (4200k-4300k coloring) (pending availability)
Ballasts: Hylux 35w D2S
Paint: All Black EVERYTHING
Amber Reflectors: DARK SMOKED
Wiring: Morimoto H4 Bi-Xenon Full Harness (plug & play)

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What's Included

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It is highly suggested to have a clear protective film installed on these headlight housing lenses. Most local tint shops offer this. This ensures a long lasting damage free housing.


Q5R (Latest Gen)


Philips 85122 or OSRAM 66240 (4200k-4300k coloring) (pending availability)


Hylux D2S 35w


Apollo 2.0 or 3.0 (black)


H4 Full Bi-Xenon Harness

2 reviews for 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma HID Projector Headlight Retrofit Conversion Package ALL BLACK – Pre-Configured

  1. Kyle S

    Thanks again guys! Great lights.

  2. George S

    Amazing dark looks. I really like these.

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