My halos don’t work or stopped working

Note: As of 12/1/2014 we are NO longer installing or offer halos with any built headlight package. There are too many associated reliability issues. This section is for help in diagnosing your issues to determine how best they can be fixed. Halos are NOT covered in our warranty at all.

One side halo is completely out :: This may be due to a connection issue, wiring issue, fuse issue OR bad halo inverter. Check all connections, fuses or wiring associated with that side halo – THEN – swap inverters to see if the issue follows the inverter.

My halo ring or rings have “dimples” or “dead spots”. This is unfortunately common to LED COB halo rings. After time some of the actual LED chips on the board may fail. There is no way to fix this without removing the ring and replacing with a new unit (or leaving them out all together which we recommend).

Note: If a halo ring needs replacing, this is NOT a warranty covered item (labor wise).  There will be associated labor fees and costs.

Posted in: Troubleshoot