Halo installation

Please Note: We are NO LONGER installing halos on new custom builds due to extreme reliability issues. This section has been kept in place for reference only.

Halos/Options Installations:


Halo Install PictureHalo Install Picture 2
If your headlight build came with halos installed, there may be additional wiring that’s needed to make them work. We prefer to set all the wiring up on our end if possible, but some headlight configurations don’t allow for this. A perfect example is the 2010 Toyota Tacoma. These headlight housings do NOT come with any wiring or harnesses on them. We therefore have nothing to tap into or power the halos up with. So, you (or your professional installer) would be responsible for tapping into power wires for the halo system.

This is a straight forward process. The first step is to decide & locate which circuit you want the halos to turn on with. The most common selection is the parking light circuit. A test light or multi-meter may be needed to ensure you have selected the correct wire on the vehicles electrical harness you plan on tapping into. Next, strip back a 8-10mm portion of the wire backing on the vehicle harness. You will splice the RED wire for the halo power plug into this wire. Then, ground the BLACK wire to a good chassis ground on the halo wiring plug. Cover these wires with electrical tape or shrink tube as needed.

Last, the plug that was just tapped into the parking light circuit & chassis ground will correspond with the above noted 9006 Style Power Plug in the image. Test for proper functioning & continue the installation of your new headlight system.

If your vehicle headlights come with a wiring harness on them that then plugs into the vehicles main harness, we will pre-install your halo wiring for you. We most often set them up on the parking light circuit.


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